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It seems that Nikon is leading the way in recent technology and has apparently filed for some new patents.

The first one is a ¬†software that will allow the camera to track objects that move in and out of the field of vision. This patent for an “Image Tracking Apparatus” @ freepatentsonline.com explains that the camera will target points along the objects path in order to capture its movements. This I could see would be ideal for sports photographers and wildlife photographers. ESPN or NatGeo anyone?

The next patent was for a camera that can connect to a server and upload photos wirelessly into a ‘storage unit.’ This “Electronic Camera” will make life a whole lot easier for those who just want to click away and have the photos upload somewhere else. I could see photojournalists being able to cover an event and have the photos upload live back at the office. Or even the average bloke who is shooting his kid riding their bike for the fist time around the block and photos go back to the home server. But wait, could this mean less use of memory cards? Although that would be a nice dream, I have a feeling that memory cards (although forever evolving) will be around for a very long time. Yet this does raise the question of how well these things will work. For instance, what will their ranges be? 10 feet? 30 meters? 5 blocks? Will it run on WiFi or 3G? Also, how reliable could it be to transfer ALL the photos that we take. I’m sure Joe Schmlo wouldn’t mind that one or two photos of his ‘sick’ 1985 T-Bird went missing, but Derek who works for AP Wire cannot afford to have the Super Bowl Winning touchdown go kaput.

As always, feel free to comment or post any other rumor you have found.


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For those looking for a quick sale, Adorama.com has refurbished Nikons a lot cheaper than normal price.

Refurbished D60 for $350

Refurbished D3000 Kit with 4GB SD memory card, Spare EN-EL9 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and a Camera Bag for $405

Refurbished D90 for $690

Refurbished D300 for $1200

Refurbished D3 for $4000

Not too bad. Comment if you found any other deals and share the wealth.

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