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For those looking for a quick sale, Adorama.com has refurbished Nikons a lot cheaper than normal price.

Refurbished D60 for $350

Refurbished D3000 Kit with 4GB SD memory card, Spare EN-EL9 Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and a Camera Bag for $405

Refurbished D90 for $690

Refurbished D300 for $1200

Refurbished D3 for $4000

Not too bad. Comment if you found any other deals and share the wealth.


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A topic that seems to have photographers with lower end Nikon cameras (like myself) scrambling to find the truth about is which lenses will be able to autofocus on the Nikon D40s, D60s, D3000s and the D5000s? Well after much research (and even emailing Nikon USA with a few questions) I finally was able to find out the final truth.

The short and simple answer is that a AF lenses WILL NOT autofocus on the lower end cameras. The focus motor has been taken out of the bodies to make them lighter and obviously cheaper. In the cameras with the AF motor inside the body, there is a visible Autofocus Screw on the camera ring. (Click to see larger)

And in turn, in AF lenses there is a port where the AF Screw fits into in order to AF the lens.

In order to obtain AF with the lower end cameras, a lens MUST be AF-S or AF-I. Too bad that extra letter adds upwards of $200 or more to the prices of these lenses. But hey, we got into digital film knowing that this wasn’t going to be cheap. If you are looking (or needing) to snag one of these AF-S or AF-I lenses for cheap, surf eBay, Amazon and Adorama for the best deals and play them against each other so to say and find the best deal. Word of advice though, if you think the prices aren’t going to change, wait a few weeks and they will likely drop a bit.

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